Blown Glass Vases

Size and Color Options

Our vases come in various shapes, sizes and colors and will change throughout the year. To see our current stock, drop by our store!

At Daggett Glass Studio, every item is hand crafted. Due to the nature of glass blowing, size variations and flaws are considered part of the design and add beauty to the pieces. We attempt to be as accurate as possible with our photos and descriptions. However, colors shown may look different depending on your monitor/screen settings. If you need to match a specific color, please come down to the studio to make your selections.

Multi Color Vase - $210
Approx. 9" tallMulti Color Vase - $210
"Shades of Gold" Colored Vase - $90
Approx. 7" tallShades of Gold Colored Vase $90
Purple with Millefiori Vase - $700
Approx. 11-11.5"Purple with Millefiori Vase

Red with White & Dichroic Fluted - $100
Approx. 9-9.5" tallRed with White & Dichroic Fluted
"Shades of Summer" Fluted Vase $125
Approx. 9-9.5" tallShades of Summer Fluted Vase $125
"Shades of Purple" with White Rim & Dichroil Vase Approx. 7" tall - $90Shades of Purple with White Rim & Dichroil Vase

Light Purple and Green Vase - $70
Approx. 8.5" tallRed with White & Dichroic Fluted
Black and Pink Vase $75
Approx. 6" tallBlack and Pink Vase
Red with White & Purple Fluted - $100
Approx. 8.5" tallRed with White & Purple Fluted

Red with Gold Aventurine Fluted - $125
Approx. 12" tallRed with Gold Aventurine Fluted vase
Celadon with Blue Frit Fluted Vase - $125
Approx. 10" tallCeladon with Blue Frit Fluted Vase
"Shades of the Sea" Vase - $175
Approx. 15" tallShades of the Sea vase

Dichroic on Purple Vase - $75
Approx. 10" tallDichroic on Purple Vase
Pink with Millefiori & Dichroil Vase - $150
Approx. 13" tallPink with Millefiori & Dichroil Vase

Multicolor Brown Fluted Vase - $125
Multicolor Cream Fluted Vase - $125
Multicolor Fluted Vase $125

Green with Millefiori Multicolor - $110
Blue Multicolor Fluted Vase $125
Small Purple Fluted Multicolor $48

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